Emergency Response Plans

Anglophone West School District shares how they assure the safety of all students and personnel across 70 schools.

In this 6-minute Overview and Demo, Dan Lawson, Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator at Anglophone West School District will walk us through their fully-digital solution to house all their health & safety documents in one place.

You'll learn how Anglophone West School District is improving how they prepare, respond, and recover from any emergency.

Why you should join our demo

Anglophone West School District has designed an Emergency Response Solution that securely stores and shares emergency operating procedures and response plans used by staff and first responders to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from any emergency. Highlights:
  • Fire Evacuation and Procedures in accordance with the Education Act and the National Fire code of Canada
  • School-based Plans for fire evacuation, bomb threat, lock down procedures, fire drill logs, emergency contacts
  • Adherence to regulations and policies for the completion and tracking of drills, frequency and date completed
  • Enabling First Responders and local police services real-time access to required documents from any device
Online access to emergency information allows us to better support schools through any sort of emergency situation. The system is flexible, easy to use, and provides us with historical data.
Dan Lawson — Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator, Anglophone West School District