Performance Appraisal Process

Simcoe County District School Board shares how they streamlined their performance appraisal process for all employee groups.

In this 8-minute Overview and Demo, Primrose Goss, Principal of Leadership at Simcoe County District School Board will walk us through their - one stop shop- to house all their appraisal documents in one place.

You’ll learn how Simcoe County District School Board is using clevr to improve consistency and alignment between administrators, principals/vice-principals, teachers and non-teaching staff.

Why you should join our demo

Simcoe County District School Board has designed a Performance Appraisal System inclusive of all employee groups. Primrose Goss, Principal of Leadership explains the value of bringing together all employee appraisals into one platform. Highlights:
  • Streamline the performance appraisal process for superintendents, administrators, teachers, non-teaching staff
  • Capturing administrator comments during pre/post observation meetings, in reference to performance indicators
  • New and experienced teachers are using the system to create their Annual Learning Plans
  • One-stop shop for all appraisals: teachers, principals/vice-principals, non-teaching staff, EAs, clerical staff
  • Making connections between principal/vice-principal Growth Plans and their Annual Performance Plan
  • Ensuring the appraisal process is done fully and completely with automatic reminders, checklists, and workflow
  • Creating summative reports is much easier with embedded sample performance indicators for every competency

We were looking for a platform that would house all of our appraisal documents. We had our teaching and non-teaching documents in different places - clevr is one stop shop.
Primrose Goss — Principal of Leadership, Simcoe County District School Board